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Sweetums’ lavish creations cater for sophisticated tastes and feature the finest quality ingredients… What do you desire?


Belgian Chocolate:

Scrumptious, dense rich dark chocolate cake, layered with dark chocolate ganache and whisky syrup.
White Chocolate

White Velvet:

A moist, tender and delicious velvety cake with a subtle vanilla flavour, layered with whipped white chocolate.


Roasted, ground hazelnuts and a tender golden butter cake. Layered with dark chocolate ganache and hazelnut liqueur syrup.
Fruit Cake

Rich Fruit:

Our unique blend of sundried fruits with plump and juicy cherries soaked in Queensland rum with exotic spices make our moist fruitcake simply the best.
Lemon Cake


Buttery, tangy and more'ish, this is a great alternative for something light and is divine with raspberry coulis.


Ground almonds, lots of butter and eggs for simple pleasures.


Fragrant, moist coconut cake layered with dark chocolate ganache and coconut liqueur.
Red Velvet

Red Velvet:

An American beauty! This striking red cake is guaranteed to delight. Layered with white chocolate ganache.